October 25th, 2015

Must-Happen NBA Endorsements in 2015-16

Last year we suggested 5 NBA Endorsements we really wanted to see. None of them happened. Are we giving up? NO. We’re doubling down to bring you 5 more NBA endorsements that also must happen ASAP.

Deandre Jordan for Rainbow Sandals

After leaving the Clippers for the Mavs this summer… only to change his mind and go back to the Clips, Jordan not only secured himself a more lucrative contract – he also established himself as the best option for any marketer of flip flops. Make it happen, Rainbow.

Matthew Dellavedova for Black Diamond Floor Cleaner

The most enduring image of the playoffs may have been little Matthew Dellevadova diving at everything in sight. And if you’re a floor wax brand with  big dreams, go with a little man who isn’t afraid to get his uniform dirty. We’re picturing a spot where Dellavedova executes an 94-foot, full-length court dive while explaining Black Diamond product benefits.


Harrison Barnes for the Wingman Life Preserver

Barnes is hungry for endorsements. He’s also one of the league’s better wingmen, fully embracing his role as a supporter for Steph Curry & Co. instead of trying to be the man, a parallel that makes him well suited to endorse the new Wingman Life Jackets.

Josh Smith for Ultipro Payroll Systems

The Detroit Pistons are paying Josh Smith to not play for them… FOR THE NEXT FEW YEARS. Get gettin’ dem checks, Josh – and while you’re at it, why don’t you teach small business owners how to can keep gettin’ employees dem checks through Ultipro.

The Entire 76ers Organization for Jensen Septic Tanks

The 76ers aren’t really trying to win… again. They might as well just make their efforts more obvious and endorse a giant steel tank that people can crap in.

October 5th, 2015

Venice, Here We Come

We’ve moved! Threshold Interactive is now proud to call Venice, California home. Not only are our new digs pretty nice, we’re right next door to all our friends at Zealot Networks. Here’s our new address – we’d love to see you stop by!

2112 Narcissus Court
Venice, CA 90291

September 3rd, 2015

Softballs to the Walls

The annual Threshold company softball game is in the books, with team Swing Swing edging out an extra innings victory over the Lettuce Wraps.

Big thanks to everyone who joined, including our friends at Zealot and Neighbor!

August 31st, 2015

Summer of Threshold

We gave Thresholdians oversized T H R E S H O L D letters this summer to do with whatever they pleased. Things like this happened.

May 15th, 2015

Periscope is Pretty Dope.

Take a minute and read our quick rundown of one of the coolest apps we’ve seen around here: Periscope.

What is it? A live video streaming app

Why is it dope? Basically, you can drop in on what anyone else is doing/watching from their cell phone. You don’t need a periscope account to watch the scopes and the streams link to Twitter seamlessly. Plus, you can save your streams to watch or share later (or keep them private if you prefer). And you can send messages and hearts while watching somebody’s stream, so there’s a live interaction element between streamer and audience.

Who’s behind it? A mustached Bill Murray look-a-like, apparently.

April 23rd, 2015

Celebrating the 10 Greatest YouTube Videos Ever on YouTube’s 10th Anniversary

Yes, it’s been ten years since the first YouTube video went up. What has stood out and stood the test of time? To the rankings!

10. JK Wedding Dance

Like many of the videos on this list, this launched a viral footprint many other videos would follow in. It was also recreated by The Office, a generationally-important sitcom, so there’s that.

9. Nyan Cat

The genius of a cat with a pop tart body, rainbows and annoying music simply can’t be denied.

8. Charlie the Unicorn

Loved by many, hated by just as many, Charlie the Unicorn stands above all the other inexplicably weird phenomena that have taken off on YouTube. Period.

7. David After Dentist

This might be the most parodied video in YouTube history. For that alone, it deserves its ranking here.

6. What Does the Fox Say?

YouTube = Where even obscure Norwegian comedians can become global stars in a couple of days.

5. Charlie Bit My Finger

As I write this, it’s been viewed over 817 MILLION times. Wow.

4. Antoine Dodson

This video is historically (YouTube) important for two reasons: 1) It is the preeminent unintentionally-funny-local-news-story-goes-viral example and 2) It’s popularity as an auto-tuned song helped make auto-tuning crazy popular to the point that it has now been beaten to death.

3. Sexy Sax Man

One of the first viral YouTube prank videos (and still one of the funniest), Sexy Sax Man has inspired countless YouTube creators since it was uploaded.

2. People are Awesome

You used to have to get on TV to get noticed doing amazing things. YouTube changed that. Anyone, anywhere could film themselves (often with just a phone) and be seen everywhere. Think of all the crazy stunts you would have never seen if YouTube didn’t exist. There are too many to count. People are Awesome isn’t the only channel to simply compile these viral videos into one long, mesmerizing clip, but there may be the best known. This series takes its place so high on this list because it is quintessential YouTube.

1. Gangnam Style

Could there be any other choice? #StillTheBest


Honorable mentions: Miss Teen South Carolina, Numa Numa, Double Rainbow and Shit Girls Say

April 7th, 2015

Threshold Lands IAC Awards

Exciting news: Our campaign for the launch of Nestlé’s Butterfinger Cups has been selected as the winner of two 2015 Internet Advertising Competition Awards for “Best of Show Online Category” and “Best Food Industry Online Campaign.”

The annual awards, now in their 13th year, are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising. The judging is based on creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting, use of the medium and memorability. Yay us!

March 18th, 2015

#HashtagWars: How @Midnight Wins Twitter (And What You Should Learn From It)

#RuinaChristmasCarol, #BadMissedConnections, #MakeaCelebrityIrish… Nearly every time you log onto Twitter, you’ll see a hashtag created by @midnight trending. That’s pretty impressive, even for a TV show essentially built for the Internet.  How do they do it? And what should we learn from it? Let’s take a look at some of the keys behind the success:

1. Precise Formulas

Many of @Midnight’s hashtags involve a call to action with a verb directly inviting you to participate like make or ruin. Others, like #SofterActionHeroes, simply invite you to mash up concepts to create the unexpected. And all of their hashtags give tweeters a precise formula – the parameters that your spin on the hashtag must fit. Rather than limiting creativity, these parameters boost it. Part of the fun of a hashtag like #5WordDealBreakers is that you have to make your joke exactly 5 words, which pushes people to really flex their creative muscles.

When launching a campaign, consider whether or not consumers will know how to use the hashtag. And if you’re not sure, neither are they.

2. Comedic

@Midnight is funny. That’s their thing. That said, your hashtag doesn’t have to be to trend, so you don’t really have to pay attention to this one if you don’t want.

3. Current

Obviously, these hashtags are timed to coincide with what’s going on in pop culture/your calendar – times when the conversation around these themes is already amped up. It’s a simple strategy, but it’s always worth considering what people will be talking about (and conversely, not talking about) when your campaign launches.

Throw in the way that Midnight leverages other influential twitter users – each of the guests on the show plus the host, Chris Hardwick – to help spread the word, and you have a pretty sound formula for success.

So, the next time your brand is trying to get a # trending, considering leveraging the same steps Midnight does. Find a topic that’s relevant, bring in influencers, and give your followers an opportunity to put their own spin on a clear formula.

February 16th, 2015

Valentine’s Volunteer Day

Our annual Volunteer Day was a success! As has become tradition, we took some time to get out of the office and into the community, where we prepared and served lunch at a local homeless shelter. A big thank you to all our employees who participated for spreading the love this Valentine’s!

January 27th, 2015

5 Steps to Get a Job at an Ad Agency

So, you’re a creative looking to break into advertising? Let’s talk about some of the things you can do to get there.

1. If You Build It, They Will Come

Building your book is the fundamental first step to landing any creative position. And to land your first job, your specs better be great. We’re not going to go into what makes a great portfolio – there’s really too much that could be said about that – but we will say that you should be continuously looking at and improving your book because, well, some of the stuff you thought was so clever when you did it before turns out to be not that funny a few months later.

2. Freelance Always

Once you’ve got a portfolio, you’re in position to possibly freelance. This is a good step to pursue early in your hunt for a full-time job for three reasons: 1. You’ll make lots of contacts in the industry who’ll find out how awesome you are. 2. You’ll be able to add to new (real!) work to your portfolio. 3. They’ll give you (real!) money to do it.

Oh, and it’s a lot easier to get a gig freelancing that to land a full-time job. Seriously, we can’t say it enough – freelance as much as you can.

3. Make Something Awesome

There’s this really great tool now that enables everyone to prove how creative he or she is called the Internet. So, grow a YouTube channel, make a meme, edit a viral video, build a crazy website, start a blog – it doesn’t really matter what it is, it’s pretty impressive when you can put something in your book that made it to the front page of reddit or was featured on insertyourownreallycoolwebsite.biz.

4. Networking (Obviously)

Okay, now that you’ve built an awesome portfolio and are doing awesome things, let’s get real. Do you know somebody in the industry? If not, do you know somebody who knows somebody? Start your search here, not on a website. Seriously – this is the advice everyone seems to know but nobody seems to follow. So don’t be like those other people and actually try this networking thing.

Will your contact be hiring? Probably not, but there’s a chance they know someone who is. Write them an email, get on the phone, ask for advice, and, finally, ask them if they know someone else who you can talk to/interview. Your goal is to get your contact to introduce you to more contacts and share your portfolio with their coworkers, bosses, friends, etc. Oh, and don’t forget that a handwritten thank you note can go a long way.

5. Do Your Stalking Research

Okay, what happens if you don’t know anyone in advertising? Or you did the networking thing but hit a dead end? Or it turns out your contact actually hates you and is actively trying to sabotage your career before it starts? Don’t worry, there’s another way to get noticed by the right people.

Use that Internet thing to research the art directors/copywriters/creatives you want to impress. By looking at portfolios, you’ll probably get a decent idea of their style and whether or not they’d like yours. Then, find a creative way to reach out to them. One of our art directors was recently mailed a resume in a glass bottle. Would he have opened that resume if it was a Gmail attachment? Doubtful. But you won’t find a person on earth who won’t open up a glass bottle to see what’s inside.

Today’s blog post was prepared by James Littlejohn from Threshold Interactive’s Creative Team.